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Guided somewhat by A Guide To Ebooks in Australia,  I think I'm going to go find myself an Ebook reader. I've been tempted before, but now I'm about to start buying ebooks and the reader in Calibre is, well, pants.

The e-ink based readers are nifty, it must be said. I have a colleague who has a Kindle and it's quite nice. But the biggest problem with the Kindle is that it's run by Amazon. For all their other qualities, Amazon have taken a leaf out of Apple's playbook are trying to Rule The World Of Books which is why the Kindle doesn't support ePub, and why they have the ability to remotely delete books. Even if they've promised to Not Use It Unless Absolutely Necessary. We mean it this time. Really.

Which segues nicely to the iPad from Apple. I've been known to say that the best thing about all the iDevices is that they're made by Apple. Unfortunately (I subsequently say), the worst thing about all the iDevices is that they're made by Apple. This isn't the place to generally rant about Apple. But the iPad is rather overkill for just reading books, I believe. Plus it's too expensive.

The Sony Ereader is rather cheaper. That takes us back to e-ink land. :-/ My mother has one of the smaller ones. And whilst it's good, the thing that caught my attention with both this and the Kindle is that the e-ink refresh takes an appreciable amount of time. I'm not a slow reader and I don't like the idea of the technology being a speed-bump in my reading.

Partway in the middle is the Nook, particularly the colour one. This avoids the refresh problems of e-ink and also the general-entertainment puposes of the iPad. (I also like the fact it supports Ogg Vorbis music files, as that's what all my music is in.) But availability for Australia looks like it  means buying it from the US. Kinda hard to try it out first (that's how I know about the e-ink refresh lag). And the price might be a bit higher than I really wanted to spend.

So. What do people use? What do people recommend?

Oh yeay, you linked to my guide :)

Date: Thursday, 19 May 2011 03:20 am (UTC)
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We'll, it is a well known fact that I swear by my Sony Reader. I was worried that spending the extra bucks would be an issue, but it was worth it. I also have experience with the iPad, and find them too heavy and have too much glare for reading. They are great for games and watching shows with the iView app, but I would not buy one for reading. My ereader is nice and light, is about the size of a paperback and has a good battery life. The only thing I have noticed is it takes a while to start up, but I have hundreds of books on there, so I am assuming that is the reason. It definitely didn't take so long to load when I had just five books on there :) I usually leave it on stand by mode and this isn't a problem.I read quickly, and I don't have an issue with the time the eInk takes to re-image. It is seconds!

I can bring it to Spiders Group and you can check it out if you like. Just muck around and see what you think? Don't judge me by my books, the ebooks I download are mostly free trashy romances and Project Gutenberg classics. I still buy most of my books as paperbacks from Galaxy LOL

Maybe ask one of the iPad kids to bring theirs so you can play with it? The one I use is for work so I am not meant to take it out of the office *rolls eyes*

Re: Oh yeay, you linked to my guide :)

Date: Thursday, 19 May 2011 04:53 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] obsidiantears83
I am not familiar with a "Xoom". I'll try to remember to bring my ereader next week :)


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